Meet The Characters

  • Bont

    The Baboon

  • Chipo

    The Lesser Flamingo

  • Dassi Pertu

    The Pigmy Forest Elephant

  • Fong

    The Tongue-Flicking

  • Hustler

    Leader of the
    Meerkat Muchachos

  • Karoo

    The Black Button Spider

  • Mac Rabbit

    The Rare Riverine Hare

  • Masavi

    The African Lion

  • Ophelia Bing

    African Bush Elephant and
    Matriarch to the Buffalo

  • Pula

    The Giraffe

  • Rusky Vervet


  • Sarafina

    The Cheetah

  • Scute

    The Crocodial

  • Ukari

    The King Cheetah