About Us

Bush Tales is a musical spectacular aimed at families with children of all ages. The album and books depict a unique collection of stories rooted from the legends and folklore of Africa. In a fun, quirky and musical way you learn how the Meerkats became united, the Lion got its roar, the Baboons their red rumps, the flamingos their pink feathers and many more mad cap adventures. In the fi rst series of twelve tales, Bush Tales introduces a great family of characters such as Hustler the Meerkat, Masavi the Lion and Bont the Baboon.

What makes Bush Tales unique is every tale has been cleverly crafted in lyric form and set to an original musical score to create a powerful and innovative way of telling the secrets of creature kind.

Bush Tales is truly a groundbreaking soundtrack, a musical journey around the world packed with big scores from classical to Irish jamboree and big band to Nashville. There is also a classical symphonic suite that will follow the album release which will introduce a new generation of children to the joys of classical music.

The album is also complimented by a beautiful set of collectable books available as hardback, digital or as an iPhone app.

Matthew R Jameson first conceived the idea for Bush Tales in 1999 whilst visiting family in Zimbabwe.

One moon lit evening he was enchanted by an old Mashona story teller who comically plucked a single guitar string and chanted the African tales and legends of creature kind; one end of the string was tied round his only front tooth and the other his big toe - he had two of those! Inspired by his twanging companion Matt returned home to the UK and for five years crafted a collection of over thirty tales set to original musical scores, depicting the madcap adventures of animal kind in a unique, charming and fun way.